Stage 3

Saint Marie de Cuines to Briacnon

The Col du Galibier from its hard side. 

Stage summary

Stage Three is dawning, and the legendary Col du Galibier awaits us. A short transfer to Saint Marie de Cuines takes us to the official starting point of the stage. Or for those who are up for an extra challenge, you’re welcome to skip the transfer and cycle from Allemond via the Col du Glandon to Saint Marie de Cuines. 

After arriving Saint Marie, we’ll embark on a ride of about 20 km to Saint Michel de Maurienne. This stretch may seem deceptively flat at first, but the constant 1-2% gradient means that 300 altitude meters are already conquered before the real climbing begins. After a sharp right turn, it’s time to face the Col du Telegraphe, a sort of little brother to the Col du Galibier. Over the next 12 km, we’ll tackle an average gradient of 7.1%. As we climb up, the breathtaking views will unfold kilometre after kilometre. The small trail markers indicating the remaining distance will encourage you to keep pushing!

At the top, it’s time to regroup, replenish your supplies at the refreshment station, and refocus, for our journey continues with the mythical giant of the French Alps – the Col du Galibier.

On the short descent to the village of Valloire, mental preparation for the upcoming challenge begins. This is perhaps the only descent in Feel le Tour that you can’t fully enjoy, as every one of the 176 altitude metres you descend will need to be fought for again a few minutes later.

Then the moment arrives: the attack on the Galibier! 1220 altitude metres over 17.6 kilometres. At times, it’ll feel like an endless endeavour.

The last 5 km are the most demanding. High altitudes and increasingly steep gradients make the final stretch a physical and mental challenge. It’s safe to say that reaching the snow-covered summit will be one of the biggest accomplishments of your lives.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be proudly standing at 2642 metres in front of the famous sign. The feeling is indescribable, with the exhaustion from the effort giving way to a accomplished grin.

Good news: the work for today is almost done. The remaining part of today’s stage involves spinning down to Briancon. The descent can be demanding, especially at the beginning, requiring you to stay alert. But your legs can finally take a break as the climbing has come to an end.
A relaxing evening at the hotel awaits, where we’ll share memories of the day, before enjoying a well-deserved rest the next day.

Stage profile


Stage details

Length 98km
Elevation gain 3000m
Refreshment zones: Col des Aravis (50,5km)

Difficulty rating

Definitely a hard stage, but you'll also be rewarded with a lot of downhills.

Thing to look out for

This is Feel le Tour's longest stage. Keep an eye onto each other and push to the end as a team!