Trying to answer the most important questions in our FAQ list. 

Before the Tour

Firstly, please let us know as early as possible. Depending on the reimbursement scheme which can be found in our Terms and Conditions you have the chance to get some of your money back. 

There will be two points of payment. 

  1. To secure your place and finalise the booking you need to pay a deposit. This deposit will be 500€. 
  2. Six weeks prior to the Tour we will ask you to transfer the outstanding amount. 

Our team speaks English and German. The main language of the Tour will be English. 

Don’t worry. At Feel le Tour we put a strong focus on team spirit. There are going to be team-building activities on the first day so you guys can get to know each other.  And you have got one hobby which unites you so it will be easy to make friends. 

Ideally you bring your bike as you will be used to it. Should that not be possible we can rent a bike for you. Check out the add-ons on the pricing page. 

We will provide you with a packing list prior to Feel le Tour, so you have all the essentials with you. 

If you do not know where to start we invite you to have a look at our preparation page. Should you have any additional queries just send us an email.  

It is your responsibility to get to the starting point. We will provide you with the exact address. We are more than happy to help you with booking the journey or picking you up from the airport. Check out the add-ons on the pricing page or just send us an email.

During the Tour

No problem! Just give us a ring and our team car will come to pick you up. Our physio will look to get you going again for the next day. 

Give us a ring and we will be right there. If it is small problem i.e. puncture we will take care of it right away.  

Should it be a more severe damage, you will get a spare bike and we bring yours to a mechanic. 

Do not worry too much. Up until the first rest station, we are going to ride together as a group. If you get dropped afterwards we can pick you up and either bring you to the finishing line or back to the group. 

You are our guest. If you do not like something please do not hesitate to tell us about anything that bothers and we will look to improve it immediately. 

That is ok, first let us physio do his magic. If your muscles are still not letting you participate, just enjoy a day in the Team car and support your teammates. One day rest can cause wonders!