Feel Le Tour

Ride five stages of France biggest bike race

Feel le Tour means memories!

Cycle five stages of France biggest bike race and experience what it takes to be a true cycling legend.

Feel le Tour handles everything – accomodation, meals, travel, and more – so that you can keep your focus on the ride.

Feel Le Tour starts in...


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The route

The route starts in Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne and leadsyou all the way to Bourg-en-Bresse. On this way, we are going to take you through 5 official Tour de France stages of 2023. 

Beautiful views, crazy ascents, lots of downhill, energizing brakes at our feeding stations, and core memories with your teammates. Feel like a professional cyclist… Feel le Tour!

Our guide - Marcus Burghardt

Marcus will be part of our Tour and is going to ride all five stages with you!

Marcus Burghardt has been a former professional riding for team such as T-Mobile, BMC or Bora-Hansgrohe. Being part of the peleton for over 15 years, he had many successes himself as well as contributing to the success of this teams.

He will ride all the stages with you, giving advice and share insights of his professional experience making the week with Feel le Tour unique for you. 

11 x Tour de France

German Champion 2017

Tour de France stage winner

How Feel le Tour works

Hotels and accomodation

Where will I sleep? Do I need to book anything?

Leave it to us.

We will book everything for you, including breakfast and dinner. Just let us know your preferences and if you would like to share a room with someone or rather have your own one.
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Stage support

How will I get fueled during the rides? Do I need to bring any snacks?

Don't worry - we'll feed you!

There will be feeding stations along the way and on the big climbs. We can also bring your individual food should you have any specific preferences.
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My preparation

How fit do I need to be?

Preparation is key.

Of course you should be in a good fitness level to take part in the 5 stages and you won't do yourself a favour if you arrive unprepared. In case you want advice on how to train, feel free to reach out to us.
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Packages & add-ons

Our standard Feel Le Tour package includes all the essentials - accomodation, travel, physio and more. In addition, our range of add-ons includes:

Add-ons can be selected either at the booking stage or at a later date.


Feel Le Tour 2023 is a one-week tour. We do, however, have multiple tours in June available. You can choose to join us during one of the weeks listed below.

Thinking of joining us? Then let’s start the process. 

Feel like a professional

Team car

We’re present for you. There are clearly marked vehicles on-site to support and assist our team during the entire event.

Team kit

On this tour, we’re a team! Team kit and jerseys with individual starting numbers make our winning spirit visible.

Pre-stage briefing

Everything you need to know about the next day’s ride and activities before we start. And anything you’d like us to know or assist with.

Own Physio

Feel good! We have a physiotherapist available for you after finishing the daily ride. If you need treatment, just let us know.

Cyclists live with pain. If you can’t handle it, you will win nothing.

Let's get to know each other!

1. Register your interest

Go to our "Get in touch" page and fill and the form to register your interest. Registering your interest does not mean you are comitting to it.

2. Meet & Greet

We will then invite you to a personal meeting where you can get to know us and ask us any question you might still have. This meeting is free of charge and non binding.

3. Secure your spot

Once you are convinced that Feel le Tour is something you would like to do you can let us know and pay your deposit to secure your spot for 2023!

Any questions?

Should you still have any questions after reviewing all of our content then message us directly using the Email address below.

We are happy setting up a meeting together, so you can meet us in person and ask us anything you would like to know.